Our recruitment solutions

Our recruitment solutions

We create and develop our solutions according to the human resource needs of our Clients and based on actual market trends. The purpose of our services is to provide specialized and effective solutions and help for our Partners.

We continuously monitor the market and HR trends and deliver up-to-date information for our Clients to support them in recruitment and any related processes.

Our key services are CV screening, recruitment, contacting and attracting “passive” job seekers (who have the required competences but are not currently seeking a new position) and professionals, competency-based interviewing, and HR consulting.

Special recruitment solutions

  • HR consultancy
  • Executive search
  • Recruitment events
  • Recruitment process audit and development
  • Trainings
  • On-site recruitment solutions
  • Market research, market survey

Why choose Fox & Wolf HR Solutions Ltd.?
effective recruitment consultants, extended industrial relations and up-to-date and continuously renewing database, extensive and international candidate network, specialized knowledge of market sectors

CV screening

Our CV screening service provides a solution to high volume recruitment where the timeframe is also a crucial factor. We simplify the CV selection, screening, and evaluation processes.

  • Creating new advertisements, analysing existing job descriptions and make suggestions for any possible improvement and keeping track of the whole advertisement life-cycle
  • Pre-screening incoming applications, reviewing CVs based on the requirements and job criteria of our Clients
  • Based on the agreed upon conditions and requirements during the Client consultation, we conduct phone screenings and add a brief and concise candidate evaluation (application form) to each CV

Daily report about the incoming applications and result of the pre-screening

Recruitment services

Our permanent placement services start with the roadmapping the business activity and company structure of our Client, a detailed explanation of the position, tasks, responsibilities, the overall analyses of our Client’s expectations and the discussion of requirements and skills. After cross-checking the required information, we search and attract the most competent specialists, senior or leader professionals. We interview, select and forward only those candidates’ application who’s experience, educational background, qualities, skills and abilities fit most aspects of our Client’s requirements.

Our Recruitment Consultants, due to their qualification, professional network and experience in recruitment, have extensive knowledge about the features of market sectors and specialties. They effectively and efficiently contact professionals, measure their abilities and competencies and are familiar with their motivations.

We ensure the coordination of the whole recruitment process and continuous consultancy during the selection and interviewing phases to find the best candidate in the most time and energy saving and most effective way.

We work according to a success fee, so costs inquire only in case of successful placement – meaning, we delivered the most suited candidate and our Client selected for the position. In addition, we offer a guarantee after the candidate is placed. The type and rate of the guarantee depends on the position and requirements.

Special recruitment solutions

With close to 10 years of recruitment experience, successful professional backgrounds and up-to-date knowledge, we ensure proficient support and specialized HR services in addition to search and selection:

  • Fully administering HR processes
  • Analyses to improve the efficiency in human resource management
  • Creating job descriptions
  • Organizational development, talent management
  • Performance reviews
  • Aftercare consultancy
  • Employee satisfaction surveys

Our executive search service is the answer of recruiting top managers and senior leaders. We can also offer this solution in case the requested professional is a key component of the employer’s successfulness and efficiency or because of special requirements we need to implement discrete and unique search methods.

Our experience, extended candidate network and proven track record in this field is creditable guarantee for the quick, effective and successful recruitment.

During the executive search, we analyse and roadmap the entire market sector of the requested professional. The position will not be advertised, but we contact potential candidates directly by using head hunting techniques, referral program, and different sourcing methods. Through these channels we contact the most suitable and competent candidates.

Our aim is to assist our Clients in creating a professional workshop which allows for the improvement of the sourcing process and supports the company brand promotion. These social network events, workshops, meetups are individualized based on the requirements of our Clients. The main goal is to give alternative and creative solutions to human resource management questions. These events ensure the opportunity to build a professional society of potential candidates, and to share knowledge and information about interesting IT trend and topics. With help of these meetups, our Client becomes familiar in the Hungarian market, builds a positive reputation, and strengthens the brand among potential candidates.

Based on the needs of our Clients we ensure full scope of services, including:

  • We create a survey about the latest and hottest trends and topics of the meetups
  • We assist to plan and prepare the title, topics, place, date and length of the event
  • We help to create the agenda (speakers, presentations, roundtable discussions, workshops, quiz, etc.)
  • We advertise and promote the event on the different online portals and on the Facebook and LinkedIn page and homepage of Fox & Wolf HR Solutions Ltd.
  • We target and contact potential participants through email campaigns
  • We formularize the content of the invitation emails both in English and Hungarian
  • In the second round, we send out reminders and incentive messages
  • We schedule meetings and notice to meetup members, accept RSVPs for an event, track memberships, post photos, manage communications between group members, advertise the event on different platforms like Fox & Wolf HR Solutions Ltd.’s Facebook and LinkedIn page and homepage
  • We provide regular reports for our Client
  • We provide advice on other important questions like catering, cleaning, data security, parking, etc.
  • We welcome participants, managing the registration and guiding attendees during the event

 In addition to meetup management, we ensure the coordination and implementation of ACs – assessment centres – which support the identification of the most suitable and competent candidates for our Clients. We ensure veritable evaluation of professional knowledge, skills and abilities by implementing complex tasks, using realistic, business-like role plays, and analysing of results and well-developed criteria system.

Our main purpose is to provide complex and effective solutions to our Client’s recruitment needs.

  • Review the existing sourcing and selection process, make suggestions for improvement with help of professional recruitment consultants
  • Provide consulting in setting up completely new recruitment systems and processes
  • Assist in creating rump-up plans, size up the resource needs, clarify the requirements, write job descriptions and advertisements
  • Provide help and support in finding the best and most effective recruitment techniques
  • Harmonize recruitment targets with business needs and improve cooperation and efficiency
  • Review and assist the offer management, hiring, on-boarding and administrations processes

Based on the need of our Clients, we provide trainings about online searching and sourcing, interviewing, evaluating and hiring candidates. During training, our Clients receive practical, actual and technical advice in order to use more efficient interview techniques, write more impressive job advertisements, build clear and transparent internal and external communication channels and expedite and facilitate the role and power of HR.

Regarding our on-site recruitment service, our recruitment consultant acts as part of the Client’s HR team, provides ideas, advices, innovative solutions and supports the recruitment processes with mastery of his/her experience.

The on-site recruitment consultant supports recruitment forecasting and achievements of resource plans, coordinates the applications and the selection process, engages candidates, and assists the employer branding activities.

We offer an on-site recruitment service for Clients who have high-volume recruitment needs and short timelines, and who would like to decrease time-to-hire, to make recruitment more cost-effective, faces any kind of recruitment challenges, or does not have an existing recruitment team to manage all the sourcing and selecting processes.

Based on our up-to date market knowledge and experience, we strive to provide our clients with the latest labour market information. Our goal is to support our clients in developing a successful HR strategy that requires updated and credible information. We conduct market research and monitor and collect the latest labour market Information to ensure our data about wages and organizational models, roles and market tendency for each sector are accurate.